Low Contrast in ScreenRuler

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ScreenRuler helps you with reading by colouring (tinting) your whole screen, or by providing a reading toolbar.

Using colour overlay for the whole screen tints everything, making text easier to read. This is useful when reading text on web-pages.

Screen tinting can cause black pixels to appear slightly yellow in colour and is a result of low contrast which can make things look washed out.

ClaroRead includes a Font and Background colour option within the toolbar, which is a popular feature of the software.

We recommend using SreenRuler as its features cover everything and works everywhere. You get some reduced contrast using this, but that is often good for people, especially with dyslexia.

An alternative to this is changing the background colour settings in Windows.

This changes the background of text areas to the colour you choose. For example, you can set yellow, and the black pixels in the text on the area don’t change. This is due to a higher contrast and prevents the text looking washed out.

However, Word no longer pays any attention to anything changing this setting UNLESS you turn on High Contrast in Windows Settings.

Instead you have to do Design tab > Page background section (at the right) > Page Color (sic) button. And you have to set it for every document.

Or you can turn on High Contrast. This makes lots of programs less efficient. Some programs ignore it by default, such as Chrome and Adobe Reader.

See our ClaroRead and ScreenRuler User Guide for further guidance using the features.

This page was last updated on 10th June 2020.