Mac Support Downloads

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  • Restore Settings (6.5 MB)
    • Allows you to to restore the settings of any Claro Software Mac application.
  • Claro Mac Voice Downloader (12.4 MB)
    • Allows you to install selected Claro Vocalizer Embedded Mac voices (used in ClaroRead Mac 7.2 onwards). These voices will ONLY work with ClaroRead or WordRead Plus.
  • Claro Mac Voice Uninstaller (7.2 MB)
    • Allows you to uninstall any Claro Vocalizer Expressive, Embedded, or Acapela voices you have installed.
  • Claro Mac Licence Checker (6.7 MB)
    • If one of our Mac programs is not working properly when you enter a licence key, use this program on a support call so we can gather more information about the problem.
  • Unlicence Claro Apps (6.6MB)
    • If you need to remove the licence from your computer, download and run this app.

This page was last updated on 28th April 2021.