Provisioning Chromebook Site Licences

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How to get ClaroRead Chrome to every user in your organisation.

If you have purchased a ClaroRead Chrome site licence (or you have ClaroRead Chrome as part of your Annual site licence) then you will want to push it out to your organisation’s Chromebooks. You can do this individually following the instructions on Installing Claro Chrome Apps and Extensions but this is only really useful for individual machines.

Instead you can push ClaroRead Chrome out for installation across your whole Google Domain. This is a two-step process.

First, install ClaroRead Chrome from the Chrome Web Store to your target Chromebooks using the Google Admin Console. The basic ClaroRead Chrome is free so you can find it and install it easily. See Installing Claro Chrome Apps and Extensions for more details on this step.

Second, log in to your ClaroRead Cloud account and tell us your Google Domain. You must have already entered your Claro Software licence key for you site licence. You will see a new option, ClaroRead Chrome Admin. Click to open the admin functions.

You are prompted for your Google Domain. This is the email address domain your users use to log in to their Chromebooks. So if your users log in as then is your Google Domain. Or, if you are logged in, you can open the ClaroRead Chrome settings and we display it at the bottom-right of the settings window. Enter it into the Google Domain box shown here and click Create:

That’s it! All the users in your Google Domain now get the features of ClaroRead Chrome Premium – scan from screen and reading in Word Online. You will also see some administration tools appear which you can use to customise your ClaroRead Chrome installations – see ClaroRead Chrome Extension Site Policies. Here is a completed Google Domain:

This page was last updated on 12th May 2022.