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What we are planning to build in the coming months. For what we have actually built, see Releases. If we don’t end up shipping something, you might find it at Claro Software Labs. If you have something you think we should do, why not tell us? Lots of opinions, really into new software? Join the Claro Software Insider Program!



ClaroIdeas 3 Windows
Create more flexible maps and use audio notes and links to structure your ideas, think and create.

More about ClaroIdeas Windows
ClaroSpeak Web 16
Now you can spellcheck your documents with Claro’s powerful online spellchecking.

More about ClaroSpeak Web 2
ClaroCapture Windows 5
A new easy-to-use interface and better control over sources.This is some text text text text text!

More about ClaroCapture Windows 5
ClaroRead 9
ClaroRead 9 features a whole new spelling, grammar and homophone check system that catches more errors and makes better suggestions.

More about ClaroRead 9

In Development

ClaroView 3
The new True Black feature keeps black black and works more like a plastic screen overlay.

More about ClaroView
ClaroRead Chrome 21
Shows you the many available voices so you can find the voice you want more easily, and reads math back.

More about ClaroRead Chrome 21
Claro ePub Reader
A super-simple way to read e-books in the ePub format with text-to-speech so you can listen to it being read aloud.

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ClaroSpeak Android 1
Our popular ClaroSpeak App is now available for Android devices.

  More about ClaroSpeak Android
ClaroPDF Windows 2
Support for PDF forms, highlighting and note annotations. Integration with ClaroCapture make this a much more powerful self-voicing PDF reader.

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ClaroRead Word 2
Adds Claro’s powerful word prediction and dyslexia-friendly spellcheck to ClaroRead for Word’s text-to-speech.

More about ClaroRead Word

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