Scanner wizard problems

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If the Scanner Wizard will not run, or crashes, then there is a problem with one or more of your installed scanner drivers. The best solution is to identify and remove or upgrade the faulty driver. See Fixing webcams (and scanners).

If for some reason you cannot do this you have two other options:

  1. If you can get to a scanner driver that does work if the faulty one is not installed, then uninstall it, run the Scanner Wizard and set up ClaroRead, then install the faulty driver again. ClaroRead may well run okay when set up, even if the Scanner Wizard fails, because it need only communicate with the driver that is selected – the Scanner Wizard obviously tries to communicate with all of them.
  2. With ClaroRead 6 or later you can choose not to install TWAIN or WIA support. If you can identify which of these is causing problems then you can not install it, and use the other interface to the scanner in the Scanner Wizard.
    • If you are installing from a download or DVD then select “Custom” and unselect the TWAIN or WIA support from the feature tree.
    • If you have already installed ClaroRead you can go to “Add or Remove Programs” in Control Panel, click on ClaroRead, and click “Uninstall/Change” to bring up the feature tree and unselect TWAIN or WIA support.
    • If you are doing a network installation then you can use a commandline like this (for TWAIN and for WIA respectively):