Suggested use of Claro PhonemeReader

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The idea is that a child can review learning they are currently doing in class as a form of multisensory reinforcement.

They should be provided with a list of words in a separate document.

The computer would be set up to display the Phoneme Reader alongside this list of words.  The child would be trained to copy and paste each word in turn into the Phoneme Reader.  Alternatively, the word list can be on paper and the child types in each word.

Once the word has been pasted or typed, clicking on the search button will display the word in large font beneath, firstly the whole word and then the word divided into its constituent phonemes.

A click on the play button will get the word read to them.  They will hear the phonemes in sequence and then the whole word.

They should be trained to control the speed of delivery of the phonemes to suit their preference.

They should be encouraged to repeat each word as many times as they want.

It should be suggested that they can join in by repeating the sounds and word if they wish.

When confident, they might like to try to read with, or ahead of, the computer.

The whole process should take about 10 minutes.

Once successfully trained, the child should be left to work independently.

The number of repetitions in a week should depend on need and opportunity.

This page was last updated on 30th March 2020.