How to update your Claro Software products

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How to get updates for your Claro software

Installed software (Windows & Mac)

We provide free updates of our Windows and Mac software to end users who need or want it. Organisations with site licences or annual licences should check their licence and contact directly.

We have three ways of updating your software:

  • ClaroUp – Claro Software Updater program for Windows PC and Mac.
    • This updater program, will assess your installed Claro Software products and provide necessary updates. Some early versions of ClaroRead for PC V5.0 will not show up in the updater program, if this happens, please email technical support.
    • We don’t usually put whole new versions of ClaroRead through ClaroUp (e.g. Version 7 for Version 6 users) because that means a big download and you might have to reconfigure things like your scanner setup. This is fine if you are technical, but some of our users are not so and we might cause them problems: old versions generally work fine, so we don’t want to break things. Instead, download from the Claro Software website:
  • Claro Software website – download the latest installer.
    • You can always download the latest versions of our software by creating an account on our website and entering your licence key to unlock software downloads. The very latest versions of all our software, including ClaroRead, are there. You can also get software that you don’t already have, and pick from our entire range of 80 high-quality text-to-speech voices.
    • If you don’t have a licence key, do email technical support and get one.
  • ClaroRead USB Creator – This USB creator program will create and update our software on a USB stick.

Do check our our release notes for our products to find out what is new and if you should update.

This page was last updated on 18th March 2020.