USB Creator Release Notes

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USB Creator Version 2.1.1 released August 2022

Liam Stockwell Lead Developer
Liam Stockwell
Alasdair KingProduct Manager
Alasdair King

Version 2

Version 2.1.1 released 12 August 2022

  • Fix for ClaroRead program files missing on the selected USB.
  • Fix for missing Redistributable files when running “Start ClaroRead” EXE file.
  • Fix for invalid certificate.

Version 2.1.0 released 20 June 2022

  • Added support to run with ClaroRead version 10 keys.

Version 2.0.5 released April 2019

  • Added support for the latest version of ClaroRead Mac (version 7.0).

Released March 2019

  • Added support for the latest version of ClaroRead Mac (version 6.4).
  • Fixes issue with “phantom” USB drives.
  • Fixes issue when run on international versions of Windows.

Version 2

Version 2.0 released October 2018. Blog Post: Create Dual Mac and Windows USB Sticks with Claro USB Creator 2!

  • Allow you to create dual Mac and Windows USB sticks.
  • Update your USB to the latest released version of ClaroRead or ScreenRuler without having to reinstall.
  • Change voices after the USB stick has been created.
  • Create USB version of ScreenRuler Suite.

Version 1

Version 1.0.14 released September 2018

  • Added support for the latest version of ClaroRead (version 7.3.7).

Version 1

Version 1 released July 2017. Blog Post: Claro USB Creator Release

  • Installs ClaroRead onto a USB stick.
  • Authenticate with your licence key and run anywhere. You don’t need to authenticate again.
  • Select which voices you wish to use.


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