Support Articles

  • Fixing problems with starting up - Symptoms “I try to start ClaroRead or WordRead but it only gets to about 75% of the progress bar and the form never actually appears.” “ClaroRead just won’t start: it flashes then disappears.” “Nothing happens when I double-click the ClaroRead icon.” “ClaroRead or WordRead crashes with a message about LHCOM02w.dll.” … Continue reading
  • Fixing problems with speech - Symptoms “It’s not reading anything any more!” “I press Play and everything flashes really quickly in Word but no speech” “I’ve installed a new piece of software and now ClaroRead/WordRead will not work” Diagnosis Make sure you can hear non-speech sound – try Windows Media Player, or go to YouTube, … Continue reading
  • Fixing problems with Microsoft Word - How to solve problems using ClaroRead and other Claro products with Microsoft Word.
  • Using Microsoft XML tags with SAPI5 TTS voices - When you press the Play button ClaroRead or WordRead uses the same speech settings (voice, volume, speed) for all of the text it reads out. Everything will sound the same. You might, however, want to put in pauses, or make some text louder, or lower-pitched, or use a different voice … Continue reading
  • Add-on Windows Vocalizer Voices for ClaroRead - Below is a list of add-on voices you can buy to use with ClaroRead PC or Mac. You can obtain these free by selecting “Get more Claro Voices” from the Voice selection in Settings.
  • WordRead V3 Release Notes -
  • WordRead Help Files and User Guides - WordRead V6 English: Help File | User Guide (PDF | Word doc) WordRead V2 English: Help File | User Guide (PDF | Word doc)