Lightning Magnifier

Quick Overview

A powerful but simple screen magnifier that zooms the screen so you can see it better.
Lightning Magnifier is a powerful but simple screen magnifier. If you have any problem seeing the screen clearly and benefit from text and images being larger, Lightning Magnifier can help. Highly customisable to individual needs, Lightning Magnifier is particularly useful on modern high-resolution screens. Lightning Magnifier is available to anyone with a site licence for distribution on their network.

Lightning 3 Installer MSI file. For Windows 7 and later

Lightning Features

  • Magnify the screen to enable anyone with low vision to read text and make out images and programs.
  • Invert the screen to make text especially readable.
  • Change the mouse cursor colour to make it more visible.
  • Use the whole screen, or a small lens, or a reading line, as suits you best to combine magnification and keeping track of where you are on the screen.

Help and Documentation

Help Manual
How to use Lightning Magnifier.
Release Notes
Details on the latest version.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 SP1.