Using Claro Keyboard, you can get the support of Claro’s text-to-speech, word prediction and definition feature in any app where you can type. Claro Keyboard can be used as a supplement or a replacement to the standard iOS system keyboard.

Claro Keyboard Features

Word Prediction

Prediction example

Claro Keyboard uses word prediction that makes extensive use of Claro Software’s word list frequencies, predicting more words and presenting the most likely words first. Word prediction in Claro Keyboard also supports images, so you can see a visual depiction of the proposed word to help make sure that you are choosing the correct word.

There is also support for phonetic prediction, to help with common phonetic mistakes. For example, if you type “wood”, you’ll see “would” predicted, so you can double-check that you have the correct word.


Claro Keyboard works with all of the high-quality voices that our users are familiar with. You can choose to use any iOS system voice, or you can also download up to four higher-quality voices, free of charge, in over 60 different languages and accent variations.

Using your preferred voice, you can utilise the typing echo features in Claro Keyboard to have your typed text read back to you, as it is typed. This can help you proofread as you type and ensure the accuracy of your work.

Claro Keyboard, also supports tap and play. You can tap anywhere in an area of text and tap the play button on the keyboard toolbar and the text will be spoken aloud. The keyboard app will also progress to the next sentence and read that back as well.

Example of Definition

You can tap a word or tap and hold to select a word and then tap the definitions button on the keyboard toolbar, to get a definition of the current word. Unlike the iOS definitions feature, you don’t leave the app and you can still see your text for reference. In the Claro Keyboard definitions feature, you can also have the definition spoken aloud to you, by tapping the play button in the definitions window.

Allow Full Access

For you to be able to fully utilise all of Claro Keyboard’s features, you will need to enable “Allow Full Access” in the iOS Settings app. Rest assured that none of your keyboard typing will be stored or transmitted anywhere outside of the app.

You can enable this setting in the iOS Settings app under ClaroSpeak > Keyboards > Allow Full Access.

Supported Languages

Claro Keyboard currently has full support for English and Swedish, with possible plans to support other languages in the future.

You can use Claro Keyboard in other languages for reading back text by using one of over 60 available voices in the language that you require.

Get it

Claro Keyboard is currently bundled with our ClaroSpeak iOS app, so all users who have ClaroSpeak will get the Claro Keyboard app for free.

For ClaroSpeak Plus users, the Claro Keyboard is fully unlocked and ready to use.

For ClaroSpeak Free users, you can log in to the main ClaroSpeak app with your Claro Cloud account. If you have a valid licence, you can unlock the Free app to the Plus version, this will then activate the Claro Keyboard app as well.

Download on the App Store
Free version with optional sign-in
Download on the App Store
Plus version

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