PhonemeReader helps you learn how to read by telling you the different sounds in a word and showing you which letters make these sounds. It is great for anyone who is an emergent reader, starting their phonics journey, or just wants a speaking dictionary. And it’s free!

PhonemeReader Screen
Claro PhonemeReader
PhonemeReader Screen - Wrong Word
Wrong Word

Claro PhonemeReader Features

  • 10,000 English words with sounds (phonemes) and letters (graphemes) so you can check out the word you need.
  • Hear each sound (phoneme) read aloud in sequence. See each letter or letter group (grapheme) highlighted at the same time to let you understand how they relate and help you to learn to read that word and English words generally.
  • Hear the whole word read out at the end to confirm the word you want.
  • Choose a male or female voice, whichever makes you most comfortable.
  • Change the speed of reading the phonemes to let you get quickly at the information or slowly to let you really focus on getting it.
  • Install onto iPhone, iPad or Android as an App. or open through a browser.
  • Application works in any modern web browser.

Get it

FREE and available on any browser! Try it now:

Download for Windows.

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Help and Documentation

User Guide
Complete user manual.
How to Install
How to install an application.
Nonsense Words
List of Nonsense Words.
How to Use
Suggested use of Claro PhonemeReader.
Purpose of Claro PhonemeReader
Thinking behind the development of Claro PhonemeReader.
Release Notes
The latest updates in Claro PhonemeReader.


Danesh IqbalLead Developer
Stuart Marsden Product Manager