ClaroCom is designed for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication), available on Android and iOS for iPad or iPhone. An AAC app helps to replace speech or assist writing for those with impairments in the production or comprehension of spoken or written language.

ClaroCom has an easy-to-use user interface that is appropriate for users who face challenges with social communication. ClaroCom helps AAC users to communicate with people outside their family in a variety of social situations.

ClaroCom Pro adds more powerful editing, privacy and communication features to the high-quality speech, user-editable phrases, and word prediction found in the free version of ClaroCom.


“I have lost the ability to speak recently, and Claro Com and Claro Speak have become a life line. The apps work well and are just what I needed. They work great on my iPhone and the small format means I have the ability to communicate in my pocket at all times. I use Claro comm for conversations and Claro Speak is great for pasting and editing parts of a long email in for people to share by voice.”

Apple App Store User Review

ClaroCom iOS Features


Type into the Message Window using the on-screen keyboard. Press the Speak button to have text in the Message Window spoken. An application can also speak each word as it is typed or inserted into the Message Window.

Text in the Message Window can be spoken using the in-built human quality voices. Communicate remotely with ClaroCom Pro. Text in the Message Window can be sent by iMessage and email, and sent to Facebook and Twitter, as well as copied into other apps.

Use the built in Word Prediction and Phrase Prediction to speed up writing.

Create text using the phrase banks to find a phrase. ClaroCom is loaded with some standard phrases. More phrases can be added and any new phrases that are typed can be stored and used again.

Rotate or flip the Android or iOS device and ClaroCom Pro will shows only the message to be communicated in large text the correct way up, perfect when communicating privately. Tipping the iPhone or iPad back reverts the screen back to normal.

Link & chat to iOS device – connect your device to any other device that is also using ClaroCom Pro. You can then chat between the devices using the text that you type or words or phrases that you select. This feature requires bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Word Prediction

ClaroCom Word Prediction

Application for AAC has built in Word Prediction when typing into the Message Window. ClaroCom’s Word Prediction takes account of word frequency and previous words. There is an initial Word Prediction list loaded on startup, and ClaroCom can learn new words as they are typed if desired.

Phrase Prediction

ClaroCom has the option of Phrase Prediction when typing into the Message Window. The phrases are loaded from the contents of the visible categories and ClaroCom stores new phrases that are typed or added. The predicted phrases appear on a Phrase bar above the keyboard. Phrases can be easily searched for, and bulk phrases can be easily added.

ClaroCom Phrases

Prediction works with acronyms, so as ‘awn’ is typed, ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ appears instantly. This is a very fast way to build up and learn a collection of phrases rapidly.

Speak a predicted word or phrase immediately with a ‘touch and hold’ instead of composing into a message – another faster way to get speech out.

A swipe brings up more phrases and words that can be easily scanned through.

Phrases can include fillable prompts so ClaroCom will know, when the ‘I would like ___’ phrase is selected, that immediately the user will be asked for the word to complete the phrase.

With ClaroCom Pro phrases and words can be easily imported from files to quickly build complex phrase vocabularies from existing text resources, including files transferred via iTunes.

High-Quality Voices

2 high-quality Nuance Vocalizer voices are included in the Pro edition:

  • Tom – English (USA)
  • Samantha – English (USA)

2 high-quality Nuance Vocalizer voices are included in the Pro UK edition:

  • Daniel – English (UK)
  • Serena – English (UK)

The voice can be made to speak faster or slower as suits the user. The voice is installed within ClaroCom, so will work when not online and do not use up any expensive data allowance.

Additional voices in other accents are available through in-app purchase in ClaroCom. See our voices page for a full list and samples of voices available to download and purchase.

Font and Colour

Change the font size, colour or use a more-readable font to maximise ease-of-reading, making ClaroCom easily adaptable to different users’ needs.

Personal Information

ACC application can be personalised to suit individual users, basic personal information is easily added and will appear in Phrases. ClaroCom Pro can be personalised by setting the user’s name and many phrases will pick it up and use it, saving time.

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ClaroCom Comparison Chart

Can’t decide which app would best suit you? Check out our comparison chart below to help you decide.

App FeaturesClaroCom
ClaroCom Pro
High quality installed voices0 (uses system voices only)2
Phrase banks
Prediction learns new words
Standard prediction dictionary
OCommunicate with iMessage and email
Additional voices available via in-app purchase
Add new phrases in bulk
Pinch/flip gestures
Link & chat to iOS device
Customise colours
Personalise phrases
Create new categories
Large prediction dictionary
Post to Facebook and Twitter

Help and Documentation

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