ClaroIdeas is a mind mapping and idea capture program that helps with research, planning, outlining, studying and presenting. It is easy-to-use and powerful and will help users and groups to capture their ideas, pictures, research notes, web page links, audio and video files with more freedom, flexibility and creativity.

You can download ClaroIdeas Mac with a Cloud account if you have ClaroRead Mac activated. If you are interested in opening a Cloud account, please see Claro Cloud or Contact us for further information.

ClaroIdeas Mac Features

  • Change layout with a click – free-form, radial, tree, top-down, left-right.
  • Open ClaroCapture files in ClaroIdeas to work with and organise the content you have captured.
  • See a linear outline of the mind/idea map contents.
  • Change the outline or the idea/mind map and both views update instantly.
  • Change line thickness, colour, add a label, or make a line an arrow or other connector.
  • Add audio notes to each idea/node, play them back for reference and revision.

 Using your Idea/Mind Maps

  • Output ClaroIdeas mind/idea maps into Microsoft Word documents or PowerPoint presentations – prepare your essay or presentation visually then switch to Word or PowerPoint to do the fine details.
  • Cycle through each idea with a click.
  • Works well with touch and on an interactive whiteboard.

Trials and Demos

ClaroIdeas is available in ClaroRead. Please complete the form below to download ClaroRead (with ClaroIdeas) Mac trial.

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Help and Documentation

User Guide
Complete user manual.
Release Notes
The latest updates in ClaroIdeas Mac
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