ClaroPDF Mac is a PDF reader that allows users to read PDF files or have them read aloud with the built-in screen reader. It comes as part of ClaroRead for Mac. You can download it by logging into Account Homepage. ClaroPDF is especially useful for exam-taking. See our exam web page for more information.


ClaroPDF Mac Screenshot
ClaroPDF Mac Settings
ClaroPDF Mac Exam Paper
ClaroPDF Mac Exam Paper 2

ClaroPDF Mac Features

  • Displays PDF files and allows PDF printing.
  • Have accessible text PDF files read back to you with a human quality voice & synchronised highlighting.
  • Click to indicate where to start reading: Using the play and stop buttons you can start and stop the screen reader as required.
  • Allows changing of highlight colour: The default colour for highlighting is yellow, you can change this in colour options.
  • See highlighting and typewriter annotations made in Adobe Reader.
  • ClaroPDF allows you to view bookmarks that have been embedded into a PDF.
  • You can view the thumbnail of a PDF. This allows you to quickly look through the entire document and jump to pages through a simple click.

Trials and Demos

ClaroPDF Mac is included in ClaroRead Mac.

Get it

ClaroPDF Mac comes as part of ClaroRead for Mac.

 Help and Documentation

User Guide
Complete user manual.
Support Articles
Technical Support website articles.
Release Notes
Whats new in ClaroPDF Mac.

System Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.11 or above
  • 2GB RAM


Jack Fisher Lead Developer
Stuart MarsdenProduct Manager