We know that many of our users love the reading support in ClaroRead, but can’t get the full product right now – maybe because their support service hasn’t got it yet, or because they want to check it out.

We don’t want people to lose out, so we’ve done a super-simple version of ClaroRead called ClaroRead Lite that’s freely available for anyone to download and use.

ClaroRead Lite toolbar

ClaroRead Lite Features

  • Reads with highlighting in Microsoft Word, so you can proof your text back where you can see and edit it.
  • Includes word prediction so it helps you write the right word the right way.
  • Read any other text on your computer just by selecting it so you can listen to text wherever you need it: flexible and simple.

It doesn’t contain the full features of ClaroRead, like spelling, screen tinting, scanning/OCR, and reading PDFs, and you are restricted to your system voices, but we hope it will help introduce people to the benefits of Assistive Technology in general and (of course) the easy-to-use ClaroRead software in particular.

ClaroRead Lite is in Beta and is available now. Comments? Questions? Contact us today!

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System Requirements

  • Windows 8, Windows 10
  • People

    Tom McKeownLead Developer
    Alasdair King Product Manager