ClaroRead SE is a simplified version of ClaroRead that gives you all the reading support of the bigger program but has none of the writing or study skills features. This makes it easier to understand and pick up – great for parents, home use, or less technical users. ClaroRead SE is also JCQ approved for use in exams where you are not allowed to use spellcheck or word prediction because it doesn’t have any of these features.

ClaroRead SE Features

You still get all the reading features of ClaroRead Plus and Pro: 

  • Read any Word document, PDF file, web page – proof your work, read your emails, read your reference books.
  • Read any inaccessible text (like an inaccessible PDF file) straight off the screen – Google Books, diagrams, pictures.
  • Read in Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat – read PDFs where they work best.
  • Choose from a full range of different voices – seventy voices in 30 languages – so you can get the right voice that you enjoy listening to.
  • Correct the pronunciation of any words it gets wrong (e.g. “Alasdair” should be “Alastair”) so you are not annoyed by some unusual words.
  • Read faster for reading and skimming, slow it down for proofing and deep learning.
  • Convert any document into an MP3 audio file so you can listen to it later on any device. Listen on the move.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • 500MB hard disk space plus 150-500MB for each voice.
  • Word 2013, Word 2016 or Word 2019.
  • Sound card supporting text-to-speech.


Juan FerrerLead Developer
Alasdair Kind Product Manager