ClaroSpeak Mac is an easy-to-use reader for Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word DOCX and other text files, and is included with ClaroRead Mac.

ClaroSpeak Mac Features

  • Included with ClaroRead Mac.
  • Open Microsoft Word DOCX, Adobe PDF, TextEdit RTF and TXT files to read them back with highlighting so you can understand and proof them. Type your own text from scratch and proof it back by reading it aloud so you can hear any errors.
  • Use a best-quality voice provided with ClaroRead Mac or any high-quality macOS system voice.
  • Make the voice as fast or slow as you like to get through documents faster or let you concentrate on understanding.
  • Highlighting while reading helps you follow the text as it is read out and improves understanding.
  • Word prediction in English and Swedish to support writing by prompting and suggesting, avoiding delays while you search for a word. Hear suggested words spoken so you can select the correct one.
  • Echo back letters and words to reassure you that each word typed is correct. Choose letter sounds, not just names, to aid you with spelling and phonetics. Echo back sentences as you type to check sentence structure and flow.
  • Select the font colour, background colour, typeface and font size that best suits your reading style. For low vision, choose large fonts, high contrast. For dyslexia, choose a coloured background and a font like Comic Sans. Read back text with comfort and ease just as you like it.
  • Use the built-in macOS spellcheck to support your composition.

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ClaroSpeak Mac is available in ClaroRead Mac.

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ClaroSpeak Mac is included with ClaroRead Mac.

Help and Documentation

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System Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.11 or above
  • 2GB RAM
  • 920MB hard disk space (ClaroRead Plus)
  • 620MB hard disk space (ClaroRead SE)
  • Plus 200MB-650MB for each voice


Jack Fisher Lead Developer
Stuart MarsdenProduct Manager