ClaroSpeak Web lets you speak text out loud and change its appearance to help with reading, and has word prediction and echoes your typing to help with writing.

ClaroSpeak Web Features

  • Works in any modern browser on any device – phone, tablet, netbook, Windows or Linux or Chrome OS. So you can get speech anywhere on any device when you can’t or don’t want to access your normal AT.
  • Human-sounding high-quality voices from your local machine or delivered over the Internet from Claro speech servers makes reading simple and clear. Support for dozens of languages to help you learn and access text from across the world.
  • Open PDF and image files (JPEG, TIFF, PNG) extract the text and read it back. (Requires a Claro Cloud OCR service.)
  • Highlight while reading helps you follow the text as it is read out and improve understanding.
  • Read PDF files just as they appear in Adobe Reader with highlighting, zoom, search, print and page thumbnails.
  • Open Microsoft Word DOC and DOCX files, Pages files, RTF, ePub, and OpenOffice/LibreOffice ODT files for reading and review. Save as RTF files for local use or plain text for maximum portability.
  • Use speech recognition to quickly speak into ClaroSpeak Web and see your words appear as text.
  • Change voice speed to help with comprehension or get through text faster.
  • Access to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive so you can access your files and documents anytime, anywhere. Open Google Docs to read back and proof.
  • Word prediction in English, Arabic, Polish, French and Swedish to support writing by prompting and suggesting, avoiding delays while you search for a word. Hear words spoken so you can select the correct one.
  • Echo back letters, words or sentences to reassure you that each word typed is correct. Choose letter sounds, not just names, to aid you with spelling and phonetics.
  • Select the font colour, background colour, typeface and font size that best suits your reading style. For low vision, choose large fonts, high contrast. For dyslexia, choose a coloured background and a font like Comic Sans. Read back text with comfort and ease just as you like it.
  • Use the built-in browser spellcheck where available to support your composition.
  • Bring up definitions for any word and hear them read aloud.

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ClaroSpeak Web User Guide
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Danesh IqbalLead Developer
Alasdair King Product Manager