ClaroRead, ClaroView, ClaroCapture, and many more apps for macOS.
ClaroRead Mac

ClaroRead Mac

Simple, flexible and easy to use text-to-speech software.

ClaroView Mac

Screen colour overlay tool.

ClaroCapture Mac

Study tool. Capture images and text from web pages and documents to help write essays and organise references.

ScreenRuler Mac

Reading ruler and screen colour tinter. Helps anyone who has problems keeping focus while reading.
Writing Helper

Writing Helper Mac

Writing Helper helps you organise your written projects.

Auto Converter

Auto Converter takes any document you drop into a special folder and OCRs it to create accessible versions.

ClaroIdeas Mac

Easy-to-use mind mapping and idea capturing tool.

ClaroPDF Mac

ClaroPDF is used to read accessible PDF files (created by ClaroRead) with highlighting.