ScreenRuler helps you with a reading by colouring (tinting) the screen or providing a reading toolbar. It includes ClaroView. ScreenRuler supports dual monitors.

“This tool is a very good piece of software, I would choose to use this option when reading short bursts of text as it is also easy to set up and easy to constantly accessible, the idea of having the ruler size adjustable is very good, the option to change the ruler (and the area outside the ruler) colour and density is handy as it really does help me focus and take in the written information more clearly and easily. It does not affect the main functions of what I need to do, for example I can still type into a document or use the File, Edit, View functions on google docs and word without any issues.”

Darren, ClaroRead User

ScreenRuler Windows Features

Screen tinting

Some people find common black-on-white text hard to read, and prefer off-white colours. ScreenRuler can provide a coloured overlay for the whole screen so everything is tinted and easier to read. You can choose any colour you like and change colour and intensity depending on the time of day, the light conditions and what you find best.

Coloured reading ruler

Some people find focusing on the current line of text hard, and going from one line to the next as you read even harder. ScreenRuler can give you a strip or ruler across the screen. You can also make the screen outside of the strip darker to help you concentrate on the strip.


A coloured underline that goes across the screen and follows the cursor, helping you to stay on the line you’re trying to read and concentrate on.


Works with multiple monitors and any video card. Sits quietly in the system tray (Notification Area) out of the way while you work.

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ScreenRuler Windows (includes ClaroView)

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