Speaking Calculator is designed for a wide range of users. The app announces the typed numbers and calculation results.

Speaking Calculator Features

  • Speak each number or operation as you click the button to help you understand what you are calculating.
  • Speaks the result to aid comprehension.
  • Standard arithmetical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, powers.
  • Decimals, percentages, negative numbers.

Trials and Demos

Claro Speaking Calculator is available in ClaroRead. Please complete the form below to download ClaroRead (with Speaking Calculator) Windows trial.

Get it

Speaking Calculator is available free with ClaroRead Windows licences. You can download it from ClaroRead Cloud.

Help and Documentation

User Guide
The complete user guide for Speaking Calculator.
Release Notes
The latest updates in Speaking Calculator.
Support articles
Technical Support website articles.
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