A site licence permits the installation of our software on multiple Windows, Mac and/or Chromebooks across your school, college or university. All the computers you own and manage qualify – contact Sales if you need to talk about Bring Your Own Device support, such as putting the software on personal PCs.

Our Annual licence also comes with iPhone, iPad and Android options, and access to Claro Cloud Web Apps and services.

Generally, universities buy ClaroRead and deploy it on all their machines. Schools buy the simpler ClaroRead SE, especially for exams or ClaroRead Chromebook. For help choosing between the different versions of ClaroRead see the ClaroRead comparison chart.

Site licence pricing applies to one discrete location – traditionally a single site. So schools, colleges, and universities all count, but federal university members, school districts and chains of schools do not. If you need help then do contact Sales.

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When you’re ready, or if you have questions, contact us:

Already got your licence agreement and want to install the software?

Getting your site licence software.  (Windows and Mac)
Installing on a network.  (Windows)
Provisioning ClaroRead Chromebook.
Provisioning ClaroRead Cloud.

 Claro Annual

Get all of our software on every platform with one annual subscription, updates provided automatically, Mac and Windows and Chromebook versions all available, and our Apps and ClaroRead Cloud included too.