So if you’re reading this then you’ve been looking at a job advert somewhere.

Here’s a bit more about the company.

First, we’re small, about twenty people, and half of them part-time, so there isn’t a too much Dull Important Business Stuff like meetings. You tend to be left to get on with things. It’s a great place to learn new things: you’re expected to take the initiative and check out new things and the best way to do stuff. On the other hand, it’s quite quiet: if you need a frantic office with lots of noise you’re probably not going to like it. In fact, I should probably emphasise that: you will be expected to work very independently, which means you get a lot of freedom but means you are trusted to work things out and shout for help when you need it. This varies according to your seniority and role, of course. We’re very relaxed about people making mistakes and learning, goodness knows we have made enough.

Second, we’re based in Preston, minutes from the train station, so it’s relatively easy to get to if you don’t drive. You’re in the city centre so there are shops. There’s also lots of cheap parking around, though we won’t pay for that (the MD comes by train).

We’re nearly fifteen years old, so we are established as software companies go but we’re not old and process-driven. It’s a great place if you are comfortable with a small team, flexible, and a self-starter. See the About Us page for values and history.

Good luck applying, do contact us to ask any questions, and remember to quote the reference! We don’t use the reference, but people who don’t manage to follow the instructions on a job application probably aren’t going to be good coders…

Application form

Or send a CV. Some people prefer forms, and I like hearing from people, but a CV is great too.