Information for Assistive Technology professionals, teachers, and end users.

Case Studies

Our software helps people to achieve more. Here are some of their stories.

  Supportive Writing Technology

Describes the common software tools and programs used to support writing. Useful for understanding the standard assistive technology available to people with reading and writing problems.

Illustrated with screenshots of Claro products but generic and non-branded. Based on an excerpt from “Supportive Writing Technology”, CALL Scotland, (ISBN 1898042136). Edited by Claro Software and published with permission of Paul Nisbet, CALL Scotland and the Scottish Government Learning Directorate.

  PDF and Accessibility

PDF is the second-biggest document format after HTML web pages, but it poses particular challenges for accessibility. This guide goes into detail on PDF accessibility features and how to use them.

  Accessible Resources Pilot Project

A report on a Government-funded research project in UK schools that used Claro and other software to improve learning. Written by

Dyslexic pupils benefited most from using text-to-speech software, both for reading and writing. The software was able to read MS Word documents and accessible web pages directly. 74% changed the settings on their computers, most changing the font size, the colour background or using highlighting of text as it is read out loud.

  Use of Assistive Technology by Students with Dyslexia in Post-Secondary Education

A research paper from the University of Manchester identifying the types and mix of technology (hardware and software) provided to post-secondary students with dyslexia in the UK. By Dr. EA Draffan, Dr. DG Evans and P Blenkhorn.

  Multimodal Campus Project

A paper describing the deployment of ClaroRead for 1200 students at Barcelona University and its benefits.

  ClaroRead and Dyslexia

A straightforward explanation of the way ClaroRead can help dyslexic learners.

 Dyslexia: Testing and Expert Advice for Schools and Parents

Comprehensive information including helpful strategies, Tests, Apps, and the latest technology to help Dyslexia sufferers better manage reading and writing.

  ClaroRead Testimonial

A personal story about finding and using ClaroRead to meet personal goals and read, write and type faster.


A list of research references (journal articles, conference papers, reports and book chapters) on assistive technology and disability produced over the years by members of the Claro Software team.

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