Claro Software’s suite of literacy solutions makes secondary students confident and independent learners

Claro Software helps young people read for longer with less visual stress and they can listen to text over and over again. Instead of using all their energy decoding single words, students can focus on the content. This makes it easier to identify key points and structure their work and when it comes to proof reading, there are tools to help with vocabulary, spelling and making sure that their writing reflects their thoughts.

Supporting students in the classroom

Imagine being able to read any text – not just on screen but from handouts and books. ClaroRead text-to-speech reads text aloud for you so you don’t have to struggle over each word, and you can read a passage over and over independently until you get it right. You can proof your own writing, spotting errors like confusing “trail” and “trial”. It is like having their very own personal assistant who points out errors straightaway.

Students can choose the voice they want to listen to while ScreenRuler helps those who cannot easily track from one line to the next by providing a window that shows the text just one or two lines at a time.

Claro Cloud OCR will make any document readable, including printed exam papers.

Out and about with Claro Software

Not all learning takes place in a classroom. Now students can use a handy App on their mobile, ScanPen, to read the text on school trips – everything from a menu to a timetable, or detailed information panels in museums. No more sitting on the sidelines or following the crowd, they can make their own decisions. 

Exam support

Exam boards take access issues very seriously these days. The commonest adjustment is extra time but, in the academic year 2018/19, some 95,970 candidates had a computer reader. Text-to-speech helps those candidates who have problems with reading. Perhaps they find it hard to follow lines of text or the print ‘jumps’ when they read large quantities of text or maybe they cannot concentrate on the printed word for long periods.

Claro Cloud OCR converts paper versions of exams while ClaroPDF lets candidates type directly onto a document instead of clicking between different documents or screens and will read any text.

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‘We have just started using ClaroRead. The software is incredibly easy to use and very powerful. Our pupils have found it to be incredibly useful. I must mention the support we have received from the company which has been above and beyond what could be expected. Many thanks.’

Dr Christopher Enos, St Mary’s Shaftesbury School.
Teach Secondary Awards 5 Star 2019ClaroRead Plus won the SEND category of the Teach Secondary Awards 2019. The judge, Natalie Packer, associate consultant for nasen and author of The Perfect SENCO, described the software as: “Great for student independence during exams and as a normal way of working, offering better value for money than human readers. Good time saver; it takes time to set up but is worth the initial input. Very accessible.”

What you get

Claro Schools, Home and Go is available through annual subscription to UK schools and includes all of the following for one simple annual payment:

  • ClaroRead Windows SE/Plus for Windows PCs.
  • ClaroRead Mac SE/Plus for Apple Macs.
  • ClaroRead Chrome for Chromebooks.
  • Writing Helper (Windows/Mac)
  • Our iPhone, iPad and Android Apps, ClaroSpeak, ClaroPDF, Claro ScanPen, PhonemeReader.
  • Our online Web Apps, ClaroSpeak and Claro Cloud OCR.
  • Install on any school computer or mobile device for students or staff.
  • Includes take-home rights: get the software for parents and carers.
  • Includes accredited free online training.
  • Free support by phone, email or online chat.

Claro School, Home and Go! leaflet

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