A number of our iOS apps allow you to download four voices of your choice when you purchase the app. You can also purchase more in-app. Or have access to them all with an active Claro ScanPen Premium subscription. Below are samples of all of our voices.

Included voices available to download

You can download up to four of these Nuance Expressive voices in ClaroPDF Pro and ClaroSpeak Plus. They cost £1.99 each to purchase once you’ve downloaded your included four.

Name Language Gender Audio Sample
Allison American English Female
Ava American English Female
Samantha American English Female
Tom American English Male
Susan American English Female
Laila Arabic Female
Maged Arabic Male
Tarik Arabic Male
Diego Argentinian Spanish Male
Karen Australian English Female
Lee Australian English Male
Ellen Belgian Dutch Female
Luciana Brazilian Portuguese Female
Felipe Brazilian Portuguese Male
Daniel British English Male
Serena British English Female
Kate British English Female
Oliver British English Male
Amelie Canadian French Female
Nicolas Canadian French Male
Chantal Canadian French Female
Bin-Bin Chinese Mandarin Male
Li-Li Chinese Mandarin Female
Tian-Tian Chinese Mandarin Female
Carlos Colombian Spanish Male
Soledad Colombian Spanish Female
Iveta Czech Female
Zuzana Czech Female
Sara Danish Female
Magnus Danish Male
Claire Dutch Female
Xander Dutch Male
Onni Finnish Male
Satu Finnish Female
Audrey French Female
Thomas French Male
Aurelie French Female
Petra German Female
Anna German Female
Yannick German Male
Markus German Male
Melina Greek Female
Nikos Greek Male
Carmit Hebrew Female
Lekha Hindi Female
Neel Hindi Male
Sin-Ji Hong Kong Cantonese Female
Mariska Hungarian Female
Damayanti Indonesian Female
Moira Irish English Female
Federica Italian Female
Luca Italian Male
Alice Italian Female
Paola Italian Female
Kyoko Japanese Female
Otoya Japanese Male
Sora Korean Female
Yuna Korean Female
Juan Mexican Spanish Male
Paulina Mexican Spanish Female
Angelica Mexican Spanish Female
Nora Norwegian Female
Henrik Norwegian Male
Krzysztof Polish Male
Ewa Polish Female
Zosia Polish Female
Catarina Portuguese Female
Joana Portuguese Female
Joaquim Portuguese Male
Ioana Romanian Female
Yuri Russian Male
Milena Russian Female
Katya Russian Female
Laura Slovak Female
Tessa South African English Female
Jorge Spanish Male
Monica Spanish Female
Marisol Spanish Female
Oskar Swedish Male
Alva Swedish Female
Klara Swedish Female
Mei-Jia Taiwanese Mandarin Female
Kanya Thai Female
Yelda Turkish Female
Cem Turkish Male

In-app purchase voices

These voices are available as an in-app purchase in all of our apps.

Nuance Expressive Voices

These voices cost £1.99 each.

Name Language Gender Audio Sample
Miren Basque Female
Daria Bulgarian Female
Jordi Catalan Male
Montserrat Catalan Female
Carmela Galican Female
Rishi Indian English Male
Veena Indian English Female
Fiona Scottish English Female
Empar Valencian Female

Acapela Voices

These voices cost £1.99 each.

Name Language Audio Sample
Heather American English
Laura American English
Ryan American English
Tracy American English
Karen American English
Micah American English
Rod American English
Saul American English
Will American English
Rosa American Spanish
Rodrigo American Spanish
Salma Arabic
Leila Arabic
Mehdi Arabic
Nizar Arabic (British)
Lisa Australian English
Tyler Australian English
Sofie Belgian Dutch
Jeroen Belgian Dutch
Zoe Belgian Dutch
Marcia Brazilian Portuguese
Lucy British English
Graham British English
Peter British English
Rachel British English
Louise Canadian French
Laia Catalan
Eliska Czech
Mette Danish
Rasmus Danish
Femke Dutch
Max Dutch
Daan Dutch
Jasmijn Dutch
Samuel Finland Swedish
Sanna Finnish
Julie French
Claire French
Alice French
Bruno French
Antoine French
Margaux French
Sarah German
Klaus German
Julia German
Andreas German
Kal Gothenburg Swedish
Dimitris Greek
Deepa Indian English
Chiara Italian
Vittorio Italian
Fabiana Italian
Sakura Japanese
Minji Korean
Lulu Mandarin Chinese
Kari Norwegian
Olav Norwegian
Bente Norwegian
Ania Polish
Monika Polish
Celia Portuguese
Alyona Russian
Mia Scanian
Rhona Scottish English
Maria Spanish
Antonio Spanish
Ines Spanish
Emma Swedish
Erik Swedish
Elin Swedish
Emil Swedish
Ipek Turkish

Acapela Children’s Voices

These voices cost £3.99 each.

Name Language Audio Sample
Liam English (Australia)
Olivia English (Australia)
Harry English (UK)
Rosie English (UK)
Ella English (USA)
Emilio English (USA)
Josh English (USA)
Scott English (USA)
Valeria English (USA)
Jonas German
Lea German
Emilio Spanish (USA)
Valeria Spanish (USA)