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Student Review – Exeter University

“Due to my dyslexia, when I got to university I initially struggled with my essays. I found when I reread sections it just wouldn’t make sense, there would be passages that made sense to me but others didn’t understand what I was trying to convey and my commas were all Read more…

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Wendy, USA

“I just want you to know how much I LOVE the ClaroPDF App – and I frequently recommend it to most of the clients I work with – it is easy to use and has amazing features!”

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“ClaroSpeak can certainly be considered among the best available text-to-speech apps. There is not a lot of overt instruction, tutorials, or visual cues, but thats likely because the developer wanted to create a clean, sparse user interface to make it visually easy to work with. For tutorials, users have to Read more…

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Andy, Workplace Assessor

ClaroRead helps people be productive. Here is an example of how. Andy Fell has been a disability assessor for over 20 years. Originally a rehabilitation officer working with people with visual impairments, Andy has worked at Guide Dogs for the Blind and Microlink and was one of the first visual Read more…