I have so many things to say about you guys, I am very happy that such a wholesome group exists and is flourishing. We need more groups like Claro building game changing bridges with awesome insight goodwill and skill.

I am terrible with names, so I cannot remember the name of the helpful person I spoke to on the phone today, but it was in relation to the Writing Helper. I cam across the software a few days ago and watched a few of the seminars, led by Stuart, and I was really encouraged by what I saw. It seems to address so many of the challenges I face while typing essays.

I’ve started a trial, and used it for one of my essays that I have been trying to work through for nearly a month. I find it very difficult to structure my essays, and just as difficult to organize and keep in mind all of the relevant information. The day I started using Writing Helper, I finished the essay that I’d been so overwhelmed by. I had 300 words after weeks. Granted, not even close to every moment, or even half of the moments, was I working on the essay. But that was in large part due to the overwhelm, not knowing where to start or where to put what. The lack of organization and structure I stagnated for ages.

The Writing Helper supported almost every issue I faced, and although there were features here and there that I felt might be helpful additions, what the software does, it does so fantastically. It provides a consistent system for easily structuring and organizing information, provides a clear process and breaks down the huge tasks into something with a steady and clear progression. This software is great, and I’m excited to see where your insightful and skilled team of genuinely interested problem solvers take it.

I communicated with my assistive technologies adviser today about Writing Helper, they seemed to be under the impression that the software is early in development to recommend to students; and I couldn’t disagree more. The development team have started with a clear idea of the challenges the software is intended to support, and it already does an amazing job. The thought leaders directly responsible for the progression and publication of these software’s seem, to me, to have a real strength in that they aim to develop the essentials of amazing ideas, to a very high quality, followed by insightful, dedicated, maybe a little perfectionistic, iterative improvements so as to never release a software which overreaches or confuses its users.

I have an appointment with my disability officer on the 20th of December, hopefully I can reason that Writing Helper has the potential to really make a difference to students with the challenges relevant to the software’s aims. In my discussion with the gentleman from your team earlier on I was more confident that I was going to be able to aquire a licence through the university and had asked if it were possible to get a trial so that I could continue using the software until I could get funding, which he very kindly accepted. I do think that the university will grant my request, but I would understand completely, given the uncertainty, it were not possible.

In any case, I was very surprised that the assistive technologies team were aware of Writing Helper and couldn’t yet see the value in its recommendation to students. As the university, from what I understand, haven’t yet had student feedback on the use of the software yet, I will make sure to communicate, passionately, my experience of the software with my disability adviser in the hopes that they see it’s already existing value, which will inevitably grow.

-Arran, student at the University of Aberdeen