The highlight and play (to turn text writing into verbal)

I found this useful when reading long text information or when the text is either small or paragraph sizing contain multiple lines of information, this software give me the opportunity to listen to the contents and ensures that I do not miss any information out as due to my learning difficulties of dyslexia and dyspraxia one of the most common traits is skim reading or accidentally misreading (line jumping).

Scan option

The scan from PDF was useful on the few occasions that I used it as when converting to word it give you the option to remove some text if needed and also allows you to map what direction the verbal information is supplied from.


This tool is a good piece of software, it is easy to operate and access as it is always available within the taskbar. The pastel colours available are quite limited but the ones that are there are effective in delivering my requirements to enable to read text from the screen (my preferred option over the highlight and play function if the text that is being read is short and/or time set aside for reading is short).


This tool is a very good piece of software, again I would choose to use this option when reading short bursts of text as it is also easy to set up and easy to constantly accessible, the idea of having the ruler size adjustable is very good, the option to change the ruler (and the area outside the ruler) colour and density is handy as it really does help me focus and take in the written information more clearly and easily. It does not affect the main functions of what I need to do, for example I can still type into a document or use the File, Edit, View functions on google docs and word without any issues.

-Darren, ClaroRead User