ClaroRead for Mac is a simple to use literacy support tool designed for Mac users. It is a highly effective literacy software solution for supporting people who struggle with writing, editing and reading text.

V6 for Mac has been created and designed with maximum simplicity and flexibility. Users of any age and ability level now have the opportunity to employ numerous powerful literacy support options and assistive technology features to help them handle information and data when using ClaroRead.

The MS Windows version has the same features. ClaroRead can read any on-screen text out loud. By design, it is perfectly integrated with Microsoft Word but you can use it with any word processor such as Pages or Open Office, presentation or mind-mapping tools or with text editors. It is extremely handy when reading, researching and accessing text from the Internet or from within work documents in PDF format.

With ClaroRead Plus, users or educators can easily scan pages or entire books and documents (i.e. within copyright regulations and permission). Omnipage OCR   This is an external link   (Optical Scanning Reader) software is embedded in ClaroRead Plus and is an accurate and powerful scanning technology in its own right. Scanned documents, locked PDF files, eBooks and even text embedded in photos can then be edited and annotated.

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