I have used a number of versions of Claro Read (standard and pro) for a long time and have always considered it to be an essential tool for me. In fact Claro has made many things possible which have previously been un attainable. 

I am severely dyslexic, this manifests mostly in reading and righting for me. When I say your software has made the un attainable possible I mean it. I still fear being handed a book, but your software has helped me to achieve a high level in education, I now right for magazines and I feel that I can access information which would have been impossible without help. 

I offered to right up a review of my experiences or a recommendation because to me your whole team is made up of heroes. I am sure I am not the only person who has been positively effected by your software, and I taught this could be an opportunity to say thank you. 

-Philip Bradley