“Claro is a fantastic product which has helped manage my dyslexia and dyspraxia much more effectively.

Using Claro allows me to increase my productivity phenomenally, I often only have to read the text once and am able to immediately recall a good 80% of what I have just read. I also get a lot less tired reading when using Claro.

With Claro, I only read what is actually written on the page, not what I think is there. This then allows me to proofread documents much more effectively because it’s much more noticeable to find the errors with Claro.

I also use Claro to read back what I have typed up – this allows me to improve my grammar as I can see where I have missed commas etc and if I have transposed or missed out words.

Without using Claro, I struggle to remember what I have read, have to read text several times and get very tired in the process.

I help other dyslexic professionals with the Claro software, some of these clients are at the Bank of England and local authorities.

My dyslexic clients find the Claro software very useful, especially on the colour tints/screen ruler, spell checker, homophone checker, play features, Claro Capture and the mind mapping feature.

All the dyslexic clients have echoed my sentiments about Dragon and say how much the software helps them – some of them say it doubles their productivity, whilst greatly reducing their stress.

I am also aware of a dyslexic assessor, who is using Claro Read Plus to proof read his assessments – this assessor isn’t dyslexic.

Personally, I have also found the Claro apps for the iPhone and iPad to be extremely useful for when I am on the go.”

David Edwards, Assistive Technology Trainer