It is no exaggeration for me to say that the ClaroRead software saved my career and changed my life. As a voice actor, it’s my job to read copy. I read lots of it….every day. Thing is, when most of my eyesight faded away due to macular degeneration I wasn’t able to see the words on the screen anymore. Enter….ClaroRead.

Now, Claro reads the copy for me into an in-ear earbud that I wear allowing me to hear the copy and recite it back into the microphone. The quick and easy start/stop with F7 and F8 along with the various speed options provided within ClaroRead make it so insanely easy to use. You hear my voice on every continent of the globe and it’s honestly and truly been made possible by this software. Thanks ClaroRead!

Pete Gustin, Voice Over Actor