Our products use high-quality human-sounding TTS, or text-to-speech, synthesised speech.

You can get any of our 80 voices in 30 languages for free through Settings in ClaroRead, downloading from ClaroRead Cloud or by using Claro Voice Setup:

Use the play buttons below to hear a sample of each voice. You can download 15-day trials of many more of our voices: Trials and Downloads

Daniel (British English)
Serena (British English)
Lee (Australian English)
Karen (Australian English)
Tom (American English)
Sangeeta (Indian English)
Fiona (Scottish English)
Moira (Irish English)
Jill (American English)
Samantha (American English)
Virginie (French)
Felix (French Canadian)
Julie (French Canadian)
Javier (Mexican Spanish)
Paulina (Mexican Spanish)

Windows Voices

We have a wide range of text-to-speech synthesised speech voices. This is a list of our current voices for Windows: however, Mac OSX, iOS and Web Apps may have slightly different lists, and other voices are available for site licences and other special arrangements. If you need a voice or language not found below, please contact Sales.

Many of these voices are available as 15-day trial versions.

Tarik Arabic Male
Miren Basque Female
Montserrat Catalan Female
Jordi Catalan Male
Sin-Ji Chinese – Cantonese – Hong Kong Female
Tian-Tian Chinese – Mandarin Female
Mei-Jia Chinese – Mandarin – Taiwan Female
Iveta Czech Female
Zuzana Czech Female
Sara Danish Female
Magnus Danish Male
Claire Dutch Female
Xander Dutch Male
Ellen Dutch – Belgian Female
Karen English – Australian Female
Lee English – Australian Male
Daniel English – England Male
Serena English – England Female
Kate English – England Female
Oliver English – England Male
Moira English – Ireland Female
Fiona English – Scotland Female
Tessa English – South Africa Female
Allison English – USA Female
Ava English – USA Female
Samantha English – USA Female
Tom English – USA Male
Satu Finnish Female
Audrey French Male
Thomas French Male
Aurelie French Female
Amelie French – Canada Female
Nicolas French – Canada Male
Chantal French – Canada Female
Carmela Galician Female
Anna German Female
Petra German Female
Yannick German Male
Marcus German Male
Melina Greek Female
Nikos Greek Male
Carmit Hebrew Female
Lekha Hindi Male
Mariska Hungarian Female
Damayanti Indonesian Female
Alice Italian Female
Federica Italian Female
Luca Italian Male
Paola Italian Female
Kyoko Japanese Female
Otoya Japanese Male
Sora Korean Female
Henrik Norwegian Male
Nora Norwegian Female
Ewa Polish Female
Zosia Polish Female
Felipe Portuguese – Brazil Male
Luciana Portuguese – Brazil Female
Catarina Portuguese – Portugal Female
Joana Portuguese – Portugal Female
Ioana Romanian Female
Milena Russian Female
Yuri Russian Male
Katya Russian Female
Laura Slovak Female
Diego Spanish – Argentina Male
Jorge Spanish – Castillian Male
Monica Spanish – Castillian Female
Carlos Spanish – Colombia Male
Soledad Spanish – Colombia Female
Juan Spanish – Mexico Male
Paulina Spanish – Mexico Female
Angelica Spanish – Mexico Female
Alva Swedish Female
Oskar Swedish Male
Klara Swedish Female
Kanya Thai Female
Cem Turkish Male
Yelda Turkish Female
Empar Valencian Female


  • German Petra, Anna and Yannick are not supported on Windows XP
  • Catalan Nuria is available in RealSpeak format only.