ClaroRead Workplace Edition provides our top-of-the-range software for anyone getting Access to Work. ClaroRead is great for anyone with dyslexia, with visual stress or with stress and mental health issues who needs help keeping on top of their workload.

How Access to Work can help

The UK Access to Work (AtW) scheme supports employers providing Assistive Technology like ClaroRead to members of staff. Through the Department of Work and Pensions you can get funding to help buy software and training.

  • As an employer you have a legal duty to make reasonable adjustments for people with disabilities, such as dyslexia. Part of these reasonable adjustments can be the provision of software like ClaroRead to your employees, so that they are better able to do their job efficiently and well.
  • As an employee you can get software to help you with your reading and writing. Our programs can read out Microsoft Word, Outlook, PDF files and web pages. We can also tint the screen for you so it is easier to read. It is all simple and reliable so you can trust it to help.
  • As an AtW assessor you know you can recommend ClaroRead to anyone with dyslexia or stress and it will help them with their written work.

ClaroRead Wokplace Edition

ClaroRead does what you need, whether you are an employee or an employer:

  • Reads back any text (TTS) so you can listen instead of struggling with reading.
    • Read back Microsoft Word documents so you can proof your work.
    • Read back emails in Outlook so you understand them.
    • Read back web pages in Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for research and online applications.
    • Read back PDF files in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.
    • Scan and read paper documents.
  • Tints the screen the right colour for you to read it without visual stress.
  • Check your spelling and grammar to get rid of those tricky mistakes so your work shines through.
  • Integrates with Dragon Professional speech recognition to let you use speech to write and read.
  • Deploy with industry-standard Windows Installer MSI files for reliability and system integrity.
    • Be confident deploying software from an official Microsoft Partner.
    • Or create a portable USB stick version that doesn’t install anything on the target machine, plug it into any Mac or Windows computer and run it.
    • No need for sign-ins, accounts, or Facebook integration. Just install, enter the licence key, and you are off.
    • Corporate and Enterprise options support Remote Desktop and SSO.
  • Free support by phone, chat or email during UK office hours.
  • Free accredited online training for anyone needing support and help.

Need to know more about how ClaroRead works? More about ClaroRead.

Getting ClaroRead Workplace Edition

ClaroRead is available from many software licensing partners and resellers so can fit with your provisioning process, or you can buy it online directly from our online store.

Want a demo? Download a free ClaroRead trial now. Or check out one of our videos. Any questions? Contact us!

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